Would you or a family member like to participate in research to help physicians and patients understand more about pericarditis?

We're inviting you to take part in a study for people who suffer from pericarditis to further the understanding of the natural history of pericarditis and to generate data in support of the impact of routinely prescribed treatments in a real-world population.

Participants may be eligible to take part in the RESONANCE Registry if you (or a family member) have:

  • A diagnosis of pericarditis
  • Experienced at least one additional pericarditis episode, such as chest pain, after your initial diagnosis

About Pericarditis

Pericarditis is an inflammation of the pericardium (the lining around the heart), and is most commonly referred to as idiopathic, meaning that there is no known cause. The primary symptom of pericarditis is chest pain.

Pericarditis is considered as recurrent if symptoms, such as chest pain, recur after an initial acute episode. The estimated prevalence of recurrent pericarditis (RP) in the United States (US) is approximately 40,000 patients.1

As of 2020, there are no FDA-approved therapies for the treatment of pericarditis. The majority of patients with pericarditis are currently treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, colchicine and/or corticosteroids.

The RESONANCE Registry is currently looking for people with pericarditis to participate in research that will help physicians and patients understand more about the disease.


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A representative from a pericarditis research center will contact you to discuss current and/or future research opportunities and whether or not you may be eligible to participate.